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NEMA42 stepper motor 33Nm

NEMA42 stepper motor 33Nm

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Price: 190.00

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Frame size: NEMA42 (110x110mm)
Steps angle: 1.8
Rated current: 8 A
Coil resistance: 0.71 Ohm
Coil inductivity: 15.38 mH
Torque: 33 Nm
Length(L): 201 mm
Shaft diameter: 19 mm
Shaft length: 55 mm
Single shaft with 6 x 6 x 35 mm keyway and key.

Number of wires: 4 (BIPOLAR)
Wires colors:
Red : A+
Green : A-
Yellow : B+
Blue : B-
Nema42 stepper motor
Nema42 stepper motor



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