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1.6W blue laser module with control electronics
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1.6W blue laser module with control electronics
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Price: 79.00
Power: 1.6Watt
Wave length: 450nm
Voltage: 12V@2A (Power supply may be purchased seperately.)
Module size: 33mm x 33mm x 60mm
Frequency modulation range: 0-20kHz, (5V TTL input.)
Control input:
0Volt : Off stage
2.5Volt : 50% on stage
5Volt : 100% on stage

This device can cause permament eye damage to even blindness! The laser should be used in an enclosed environment only with no visual insight when operating!

Red line laser 5mW, 650nm
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Red line laser 5mW, 650nm
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Price: 3.30
2 laser modules could be used to create a cross target on the workpiece to show the tool center point.
Can be a useful tool to visualise the torch center on plasma cutters.
Supply voltage: 4.5-5Volts

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